The Story Behind Scented Home Candle Co.


My name is Rebecca and I live with my Husband and our four children in the beautiful English county of Sussex. I work as a part-time paediatric nurse, a job I find immensely rewarding, but my full-time job is really at home looking after our busy family. I love to spend any down time relaxing with family, catching up with friends, walking in the beautiful countryside or strolling along the sea front.

After a spell of back trouble, during which I was unable to work and spent a lot of time at home on my own in pain, I realised I needed something, a hobby, that could help pass the time and distract me from my pain.

As my back improved and I returned to work, life rapidly became busier again, but the desire to start a new hobby stayed with me. I was inspired to be more creative after my sister gave me a beautiful Macrame wall hanging, that she’d lovingly hand-made, and it wasn’t long after this that I decided to give candle making a go, having always loved the smell of a beautifully scented candle around the home.


My Husband has always been my biggest supporter and had spent many years convincing me to try new things and believe in myself. Never was this more true than when I first suggested that I start my own candle making business. Together we explored the idea and he encouraged me to go for it. When a book arrived in the post two days later, about starting a candle making business, I knew I had his support and that he believed in me. This in turn gave me the motivation to take the first steps towards an exciting new venture in candle making.


I established early on that I wanted to work purely with 100% Soy wax, which is an entirely natural product made from the oil of Soybeans and is a renewable source, unlike Paraffin wax which comes from our dwindling supply of crude oil. Soy wax is a carbon neutral product which has a clean burn, meaning it doesn’t release harmful toxins into the air, making it healthier for you candle lovers and the environment.  All the containers we use to make our candles are either reclaimed or can be reused and our packaging also fits our Eco-friendly ethos.


Things have come a long way since I made my first candle, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I never imagined how much I would enjoy the art of candle making. It’s a very calming and therapeutic craft and I feel such pleasure when I develop a new candle which is received with positive feedback.  My journey of starting a hobby and being more creative rapidly turned into a dream of starting my own business which has taught me more than I ever imagined and has given me a new lust for life and a passion that I am excited to be sharing with you all.